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January 7, 1982
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6B ST. MARYS ORACLE January 7, 1982 Pee Wee Wrestlers Post 3-1 Record The Fleasants County Pee Wee Wrestling Team has participated in two dual meets with Wirt County, a ngular with Waterford, 0., and estern Washington County, an open tournament involving more than 300 wrestlers, and a 14-team holiday event since Dec. 5. To date the Pleasants County club has attained a 3-1 record not including two additional pre-season victories. In individual categories the squad has amassed nine first-place trophies, five second-place trophies, seven third- phce and five fourth,place. Members have twice defeated Wirt County, 45-43 and 48-43, slipped by Waterford, 46-45, and lost to Western Washington County, 50-40, in a triangular in which Waterford defeated WWC, 43-40. Pleasants County grappler will participate in a quadrangular Jan. 9 at Ripley High School which will include teams from Ripley, Ravenswood, YMCA and Pleasants County. Results of the Dec. 8 match over Wirt (45-43) are as follows: 50-1b. -- Orarn Butler (PC) pinned Harrison, first period; 53 lb. -- Scan Lyons (PC), forfeit; 56-1b. -- Steve Moore (PC), pinned by Richards, first period; 59-1b. -- Jason Poynter (PC) pinned Creameans, first period; 62-1b. -- Craig Williams (PC) decisioned Lockhart, 5-1; 65-1b. -- Brian Mercer (PC), pinned by Nicely, third period; 68 lb. -- Jamie Butler (PC) deci- sioned Goodrich, 13-5; 71-1b. -- Larry Johnson (PC) was decisioned by A. Bain, 4-0; 74-1b. -- Joe Hefner (PC) pinned Lockhart, first_period; 79 lb. -- Clifford Butler (PC) was decisioned by Nicely, 4-1; 84-1b. -- Billy Hughart (PC) pinned Settles, second period; 89-1b. -- Steve Hall (PC), d'ecisioned by John Bain, 9-1; 94-1b. -- Andy Burkhammer, pinned by Jerry Bain, second period; 105 lb. -- Jeff Hughart pinned Flynn, first period; 115-lb. -- forfeit to Lowe (W); 125-1b. -- Billy Hardman, pinned by Rader, second period; 150-1b. -- double forfeit. The following are the results from the Parkersburg YMCA Cougar Classic held Dec. 12: Finals 10 and under: 60-lb.- Keith Honaker (Beckley) decisioned Jason Poynter, 4-0; Consolations for third place, 10 and under: 45-1b. -- Trampus Wolfe (PC) won by default over Jason Winnell (Palestine); Finals 11 and 12 years: 65-1b.- Steve Brown (YMCA) decisioned Jamie Butler (PC), 1-0; 85-1b. -- Billy Hughart (PC) pinned Rod Greathouse (Spencer), first period; Consolation for third place, 11 and 12 years: 65-1b. -- Craig Williams (PC) decisioned Scott Johnson (Ravens- wood), 5-0; 75-1b. -- Phillip Walden (Charleston) decisioned Joe Hefner (PC), 5-3; Finals 13 and 14 years: 105-lb. -- Jeff Hughart (PC) deci- sioned Mike Durham (CO), 7-3; Consolations for third place, 13 and 14 years: 94-1b. -- Andy Burkhammer (PC) pinned Bob Johnson (Palestine), third period. Results of the Ripley Holiday Tournament Dec. 18 and 19 were: Finals: 59-1b. -- Jason Poynter (PC) pinned Brian Simmons (YMCA), first period; 84-1b. -- Billy Hughart (PC) deci- sioned Brian Knotts (WWC), 4-1; Consolations for third place: 50-lb. -- Orarn Butler pinned Eddy (S. Park), first period; 62-1b. -- Craig Williams (PC) deci- sioned by Todd Worstell (S. Park); 68-1b. -- Jamie Butler (PC) deci- sioned Lance Workman, (Ravens- wood), 2-1; 74-1b. -- Joe Hefner (PC), pinned by Joey Schott (Wat.); 105-lb. -- Jeff Hughart (PC) pinned B. Kelly (Spencer), first period. Results of the Dec. 22 Triangular were: Western Washington County over Pleasants County, 50-40; 50-1b.- Orarn Butler (PC) won by default over M. Hall; 53-1b. -- Trampus Wolfe (PC) won by forfeit; 56-1b. -- Denny Hardman (PC), pinned by Richards, second period; 59-1b. -- Jason Poynter (PC) pinned J. Snyder, first period; 62-1b. -- Craig Williams (PC) deci- sioned Gentile, 3-2; 65-1b. -- Kevin Parsons (PC), won by forfeit; WINNING TROPHIES while helping their team to a 3-1 season record were (front) Orarn Butler, third, Ripley Holiday; and Trampus Wolfe, third, YMCA Cougar Classic; (second row) Jason Poynter, first, Ripley, and second YMCA; Jamie Butler, second, YMCA, and third, Ripley; Joe Hefner, fourth, Ripley; Billy Hughart, first, YMCA, and first, Ripley; and Craig Williams, third, YMCA, and fourth, Ripley; and (not pictured) Andy Birkhammer, third, YMCA; Jeff Hughart, third, Ripley, and first, YMCA. (Oracle photo) 68-1b. -- Jamie Butler (PC) tied M. McCoy in overtime; 71-lb. -- Matt Johnson (WWC) won by forfeit; 74-1b. -- Rod Woodruff (WWC) won by forfeit; 79-1b. -- Matt Dailey (WWC) won by forfeit; 84-1b. --Billy Hughart (PC) deci- sioned Knotts, 4-2; 89-1b. -- Steve Hall (PC) decisioned by Anderson, 10-0; 94-1b. -- Andy Burkhammer, pinned by Britton, second period; 105-lb. -- Jeff Hughart (PC) pinned H. Eddleblute, second period; ll5-1b. -- T. Eddleblute (WWC) won by forfeit; 125-1b.- Billy Hardman (PC), pinned by Hathaway, first period; 150 lb. -- double forfeit. Waterford match results were: 50-lb. -- Orarn Butler (PC) pinned Tony Kearns, third period; Take advantage of us in '82! Clovis Motors features... ...for a fresh start even ,n winter's coldest months. Economy, com- fort and style can be yours today. Stop in and check these values. I I... %.P IPqL I,.. 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Results of the Wirt County match (48-43) are as follows: 50-lb.- Orarn Butler pinned Harrison, first period; 53-lb. -- Sean Lyons (PC) pinned Warner, first period; 56-1b.- Denny Hardman, decisioned by Richards, 10-0; 59-1b. -- Jason Poynter (PC) won by forfeit; 62-1b. -- Craig Williams (PC) pinned Lockhart, second period; 65-1b. -- Brian Mercer, decisioned by Knicely, 8-2; 68-1b. -- Jamie Butler (PC) pinned Goodrich, first period; 71-lb. -- Kevin Parsons (PC), by A. Bain, second period; 74-1b.- Chris Masters, by Lockhart, 11-6; 79-1b.- Clifford Butler, by Knicely, 8-2; 87-1b. -- Billy Hughart (PC) Settles, first period; 89-1b. -- Steve Hall (PC), John Bain, second period; 94-1b. -- Andy Burkhammer pinned by Jerry Bain, second 105-lb. -- Jeff Hughart Shears, first period; ll5-1b. -- forfeit to Warner 125 lb. -- forfeit to Hardman 150 lb. -- forfeit to Hall A Total Sa " s of s10 500!! CLOVIS MOTOR COMPANY THIRD & WASHINGTON PHONE (304) 684-2455 ST. MARY$ WEST VIRGINIA 26170 53-1b. -- Denny Iardman pinned Gorrell, first period; 56-1b. -- Scan Lyons (PC) tied Smith, 9-9; 59-1b. -- Jason Poynter (PC) deci- sioned Ivan Arnold, 4-0; 62-1b. -- Craig Williams (PC) pinned John Lang, second period; 65-1b. -- Brian Mercer (PC) deci- sioned Stollar, 5-2; 68-1b. -- Jamie Butler (PC) won by forfeit; 71-lb. -- Pat Miller (Wat.) won by forfeit; 74-1b.- Joey Schott (Wat.) won by forfeit; 79-1b. -- Kelly Allen (Wat.) won by forfeit; 84-1b. -- Billy Hughart (PC) pinned Vince Tolson, second period; 89-1b. -- Steve Hall (PC), decisioned by Sam Tolson, 12-0; 94-1b.  Andy Burkhammer, pinned by Steve Lang, third period; 105-1b. -- Jeff Hughart (PC) pinned Russ Lang, third period; 115-1b. -- double forfeit; 125-1b.- Billy Hardman (PC) pinned by Nickles, first period; Freshmen Caners To Open Season Fewer than a dozen boys comprise this year's freshmen cage squad, but, according to third-year mentor Bruce Martin, the group has the most talent and best potential to be the best of his tenure. The team has been practicing since Dec. 1 in the St. Marys Elementary gymnasium in order to eliminate interference with the high school jayvee and varsity teams. The freshmen open their season Monday at home against Harrisville at 7:00 p.m. Seeing height and overall quickness, Martin is comfortable but not over- confident in his thoughts regarding the team's success this season. Working in conjunction with varsity coach Don Dziagwa and assistant Denny Venderlic, Martin has outlined a program that will enable the ninth graders to progress effectively through their high school years. One big asset this year is'the assistance given him by Doug Miller, ex-Blue Devil cage star now a member of the SMES faculty. Miller serves on his own time without remuneration and has a vast knowledge of the game which he readily imparts to the caners. The 11 members of this year's squad are Ricky Wilson,.John Mike Nichols, Bobby Buck, Brent Bills, B. J. (Brian) Jones, J. H. Mahaney, David Fetty, Kenny Parsons, Paine Jordan, Mike Efaw and Denny Drake. A couple of that group are already over the six- foot mark while another two are rapidly approaching. The squad will play 16 games including two tourna- ments, the Paden City Invitational in late February and the Little Kanawha Conference playoffs at Spencer. Once the season gets underway Monday, the team will play at least two games per week, Monday and Thurs- day, while on several occasions it will squeeze in a third contest Wednesday evening. Martin delayed the start of the schedule in an effort to avoid the holiday period when the festive spirit of the time precludes thoughts regard- ing basketball. With the holidays out of the way, concentrated effort can be made toward a successful season, he said. '1 I1' I ! never ,e, i rite Nutri/System program to up tq a pouna a day." Enjoy delicious foods You can lose as much as 30 pounds in 40 days while enjoying pancakes with syrup, sweet and sour pork, meatballs in gravy, milkshakes. Even delicious recipes like Hearty Beef Stew, Hamburger Streganoff and rich tasting desserts like Mocha Creme. Mimke.woof Because Wu'm eating alode-cantfed foods there's no measuring, weighing or constantly counting calories. It's medically supervised, completely safe and drug-free. And no strenuous exercise. 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You will achieve your goal by the date specified or there's no additional charge for Nutfl/Systom's services until you do. 6000 Grand Central Ave. Vienno, WVo. i Phone 295 8505 Out of town coil collect I I I II II 1 1981-82 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Jan. 11 Harrisville H Jan. 13 Sistersville H Jan. 14 Wirt H Jan. 18 Magnolia A Jan. 20 Williarnstown H Jan. 21 Ravenswood A Jan. 25 Open Jan. 27 Doddridge A Feb. 1 Harrisville A Feb. 3 Sistersville A Feb. 8 Magnolia H Feb. 10 Williamstown A Feb. 11 Ravenswood H Feb. 15 Wirt A Feb. 17 Doddridge H Feb. 18 Paden City A Feb. 22-26, 9th Grade To, at Paden City March 1-6, LKAC Junior High at Spencer League To Form The Pleasants County Recreation Commission is rocess of forming a basketball r men 30 years of age or Individuals or teams participating may register by the park office at 684-7525. By K. Maynard Head How to With the coming of a new doubt many of us have tions we intend to keep These resolutions are meant us better persons this year. be kept, but most will forgotten. Francis of Assisi, who than 700 years ago, left a  prayer that sounds as if written for the twentieth Although his father was a merchant, Francis fortune and gave himself in the poor. Born in the Assisi, Italy, he loved wil, out-of-doors. He called brothers and sisters," and "brother sun" and "sister "Canticle of the Sun." His prayer, which has many readers down throu centuries, is short but "Lord, make me an thy peace; Where there is hatred, let me Where there is injury, Where there is doubt, Where there is despair, Where there is darkness Where there is sadness, joy. Divine Master, Grant that I may not so to be Consoled as to console; To be understood as to To be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we It is in pardoning that pardoned; nd it is in dying that we are ] eternal life." 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